How to get there?

By plane: From Bogotá, Medellín, and Pereira there are frequent flights to Nuquí. SATENA Airlines o Grupo San German.

Water transport: From Buenaventura, every other week, to Nuquí. Inquire at Buenaventura Port.


ENG: What to bring?

– Adequate and sufficient waterproof clothing: Nuquí is located in the rain forest, a region of high rainfall and high relative humidity so clothing takes a long while to get dry.


– Plastic containers and Gel Silica: Because of athmospheric conditions in the region, it is advisable to keep your electronic equipment in hermetic plastic containers to avoid problems associated with the relative humidity.


– Cash: There are no banks, ATM’s or commercial areas in the region so credit and debit cards are not useful. Bring enough cash in colombian pesos.

– Consult a guide for ecotourism: It is a good idea to bring a flashlight, waterproof hiking boots, sneackers, sandals, and insect repellent.

Are there special discounts?

Yes, children under 7 years old have a 30% discount per person.





Once you make a reservation, you must pay 50% one month before your arrival, the remainig 50% should be paid 10 days before your arrival. In case of cancellations, we will reimburse 30% of your payment only if we receive notice of cancellation one month before the date of arrival. If the cancellation is due to unforesseable circumstances, you can change your reservations for a future date without incurring the above mentioned penalty.


Special Requests

We will accommodate vegetarian and vegan diets only if we are advised of dietary restrictions beforehand.

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